Glass Tile Backsplash Installation Wesley Chapel, Florida

A homeowner contacted me after locating a beautiful Lunada Bay paper-faced glass tile from a tile showroom in Tampa, Florida. The glass tile was a Lunada Bay “Agate” Luca Pearl 1×4 Brick purchased from the Ceramic Matrix tile showroom. I have done dozens of backsplashes for customers of this tile showroom and the help they give to the customers is great. The customers come to me with knowledge of the tile they purchased, a quality tile to install and looking for a quality tile installer in the Tampa Bay area to make their project come to fruition.

After I was warded the project I quickly scheduled them and was able to get started on their project. The tile came in fast at Ceramic Matrix in Tampa because they are a distributors of the Lunada Bay glass tile. They already selected a grout color that looked perfect with the Lunada Bay glass tile so that was already taken care of before I started the project. Upon starting the backsplash It was four small sections which was easy to layout with the 1×4 glass tile.

Working with paper faced glass tile is very different than working with the basic Chinese glass mosaics that you stick up with mastic or regular thinset. There’s a whole different skill set needed when installing this tile due to its difficult installation method. You need a highly modified white glass tile thinset to install this type of glass tile. There’s also a certain method for installing this paper faced glass tile that has to be adhered to or you will see trowel lines and air bubbles behind the opaque glass tile once the paper is removed off the face.

Being that Ceramictec tile installers in Tampa has installed many paper-faced glass tile backsplashes over the years, this installation was an easy and beautiful project for us to complete. Enjoy the photos and if you’re looking to have a glass tile backsplash installed in the Tampa or surrounding areas feel free to Contact Us