Thin Masonry Veneer Stone & Brick in Tampa, Florida

Ceramictec of Tampa, Florida has partnered Laticrete, VeneerStone & MetroBrick together to offer a Manufactured Stone or Thin Brick Veneer Installation System with Color and Style along with a 10 & 25 year System Warranty and a 75-year limited warranty on the Stone Veneer.

We Install all types of Thin Veneer using the following:

Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS)

VeneerStone – Manufacture Stone Veneer

IronRock MetroBrick – Thin Brick

Stone and brick are timeless design materials that have been used for centuries in structures of all types. In one of the fastest growing segments of the masonry products market, adhered natural and manufactured thin stacked stone and brick veneers have become increasingly popular over the past decade in Tampa, Florida and surrounding area’s in both commercial and residential construction. With slimmer, sleeker profiles, thin stone and brick veneers are being used in projects from interior walls, backs plashes & fireplaces to exterior fronts of homes and entire buildings – both in new construction and renovations. Thin Masonry Veneer is offering architects and homeowners an expanded palette and added flexibility in decorative masonry, enabling quality and timeless aesthetics in a cost-effective product. Compared to full dimension stone or masonry veneer, natural thin veneers using the Laticrete MVIS system offers substantial benefits, particularly in terms of installation quality & bond strength.

With the explosive increase in popularity of adhered manufactured stone masonry veneer facades has created a need for higher performance, factory produced installation materials at assure consistently high quality installations. Up to now, the installation of manufactured stone masonry veneers has required the use of site mixed type s mortars, materials that are subject to large variations in consistency, quality and performance and which also limit the installation technique to that of traditional masonry. Many products have been plagued by de laminating stone, rusting metal lathe, nails & screws along with water intrusion among other installation issues inherent to materials and techniques which are limited in flexibility and margin for error. This traditional method is not engineered as part of a complete wall system and therefore does not offer warranties from a reliable source willing to stand behind the installation.

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The increase in popularity of adhered manufactured stone masonry veneer facades has left the industry absent of suitable installation materials and detailed specifications – Laticrete has the answer! Their proven technology will provide a permanent, high strength installation that is freeze thaw stable and protects from water intrusion. For over 53 years Laticrete has continuously provided the latest technology in construction materials and methods to deliver superior problem free installations for tile and stone installations. Utilizing these advanced technologies, the Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) is designed to offer complete solutions for adhered manufactured stone masonry veneers.

Installation of manufactured stone masonry veneer is typically performed with on-site mortar mixes that are subject to large variations in quality and performance. Whether over concrete or masonry substrates, installations usually include metal lath and most often provide inadequate protection from the weather resulting in water intrusion, delaminating of the veneer, rusting metal lathe, nails & screws. Difficult to use and very time consuming to prepare, these systems are not engineered as complete wall systems and therefore do not offer warranties from a reliable source that will stand behind the installation.

The Laticrete MVIS provides the solution by offering a comprehensive quality controlled installation system. Utilizing proven materials, Laticrete MVIS products include a revolutionary weatherproofing membrane, polymer fortified adhesive mortars that provide non-sag performance, a scratch and brown coat mortar, a masonry pointing mortar and a 100% silicone sealant.

The focus of the Laticrete MVIS Guide is to offer masonry professionals a warranted installation system for manufactured stone and thin-brick facades, including a proven waterproofing application backed by more than 40 years of waterproofing experience. Laticrete MVIS provides solutions to all of the “old way” concerns by offering a coordinated, quality-controlled installation system. Utilizing proven materials, Laticrete MVIS architectural specifications are designed to offer long-term solutions backed by the Laticrete 10 Year System Warranty for steel or wood framed exterior facades and 25 Year System Warranty on block installation. LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation Systems provide a great deal of flexibility and the ability to meet demanding project requirements. Laticrete MVIS products include a revolutionary waterproofing anti-fracture membrane in the form of Laticrete Hydro Ban, polymer-fortified adhesive mortar, scratch and brown coat mortar, LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive for spot bonding when appropriate, masonry pointing mortar and Laticrete Latasil, a 100 percent silicone sealant.



We specialize in the following thin veneers: Thin Veneer Stone, Natural Cut Stone, Engineered Stones, Thin Cast Stone, Thin Stack and Medium Stone, Natural Stone Veneer, Cultured Stone Fireplace, Stacked Stone, Dry Stack Round Stone, Thin Brick Veneer, Natural and Manufactured Stone, Architectural Cast Stone, Stacked Stone Fireplace, Vertical Stacked Stone & Stacked Stone Columns.

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Natural Thin Stone Veneer A lightweight alternative to full veneer, natural thin stone veneer is cut from natural stone quarried from the earth. Technological advances, diamond saws and computers all factor into the quarrying and fabrication process to produce these thin, lightweight slices of natural stone. Sedimentary varieties such as limestone, sandstone and quartz-based stones are some of the most popular options. While thin veneer is available in harder stones such as granite and marble, the fabrication cost may be prohibitive due to the difficulty in sawing extremely dense and hard materials. Because it is a natural product, thin stone veneer is colorfast, will not fade and resists chipping and scratching. The unique color of natural thin stone virtually eliminates the potential for repeating patterns on large projects.

Tejas Stone offers thin stone veneer in a wide variety of textures, colors, shapes and styles.

Mesa Ledge Stack Mesa Ledge Stack Temple Ledge Temple Ledge
Velvet River Rock Velvet River Rock Waterfront Brick Waterfront Brick
Windswept Edge Stone Windswept Edge Stone Ridged Field Stone Ridged Field Stone

Because manufacturers offer dozens of varieties of thin veneer stone in an array of colors and textures, architects are able to mix several types of stone together to produce distinctive and visually appealing structures at a cost far less than would have been possible with full-dimensional products. Natural thin veneer can also be trimmed during installation to meet precise detailing specifications.


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Installations: Facades of buildings, Storefronts, Veneers of homes, Back splashes, Foundations, Fireplaces, Chimneys, Interior walls, Shelves, Stone walls, Columns, Patios, Pool Walls and Fountains.

We recommend and install Ironrock MetroBrick thin brick.


The latest addition to the Ironrock family of fine products. METROBRICK is an architectural thin brick for use in pre-cast, tilt up, and field applied thin brick applications. METROBRICK offers the aesthetic of full brick with the benefits of a thin brick. METROBRICK can be used for both commercial and residential applications. METROBRICK is a kiln fired clay unit used anywhere a masonry appearance is desired. We produce our modular units to a very tight dimensional variance (+0” to -1/16” for brick 8” or less and +0” to -3/32” for brick between 8” and 12”), with a density of less than 3% water absorption and with no efflorescence.


Thin brick allows for more building options like added insulation and more interior space. METROBRICK thin walls allow for continuous insulation and create lower utility bills. METROBRICK thin wall uses 1/5 the amount of material needed to manufacture the same surface coverage as full brick. METROBRICK thin wall uses nearly 1/5 the amount of natural gas than the same surface coverage of full brick. METROBRICK requires 8 fewer semi trucks to deliver 25,000 sq. ft. of modular surface coverage as compared to full brick. Sustainability, Because METROBRICK absorptions are much less than full bed brick, spalling and  efflorescence are reduced or eliminated. The building facade can basically last forever. With the thin brick attached to the wall system, minor repairs require only the removal of the affected bricks. Full bed brick building repairs are much more costly and difficult.

Building Green is the right thing to do The first time a community introduced recycling, it had to learn the procedures. What do you do with this new curb side container? What can and can’t you put in it? What day do you put it out? It’s certain many resisted the change. Once learned, it becomes habit. A landfill recently reported that it’s landfill will be full in 25 years. If they can reduce and redirect 20% of the waste over that time, when will the taxpayer need to ‘buy’ a new one? 30 years? 40 years? Building green is saving money as much as saving our planet’s resources. If a thin brick wall system can save resources, construction costs and monthly utility costs, then why are designers resisting the offer to consider a thin brick solution early in a project’s design phase? What is stopping us from learning the first time and trying a proven, energy efficient system? Just like recycling, once mastered designing with sustainable materials and systems will become second nature.

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