Barrier Free, Accessible, Curbless, Roll In Shower…..

These showers are becoming increasingly popular with older people who
don’t feel like or cant step over a curb. Some homeowners even want it for the smooth style flowing look. Or the most important reason for building one is a child, elderly or loved one who is handicapped. In any of these cases someone can benefit by having a low curb or barrier free accessible shower.

I have built curbless, roll in, barrier free accessible showers for over 15 years.
more so in Hotels where required by ADA code they need to have available some showers for the Handicap on the first floor.

the waterproofing is tricky with these types of showers and I have come
to like working with Schluter Kerdi & Ditra. the Kerdi Drain is amazing.
and also Laticrete’s Hydroban or Laticrete’s HydroBarrier both a great
liquid membrane to work with.

I could guarantee my showers using
one of these product for years.

Like this Custom Roll-In Shower:

Or this 3″ Low Curb shower:


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  1. I really like the low curb shower in the bottom picture. it looks beautiful.
    what type waterproofing was that and is it on a slab or wood sub floor ?

    Destin, Florida

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