No Curb Barrier Free Linear Drain Tile Shower in Tampa

I had a customer that wanted to do a custom “no curb” barrier free walk in tile shower in Tampa, Florida. They were looking for a Tampa tile installer so they came to me with their idea. I set up an appointment with them to go over what they had in mind and to make suggestions with my professional opinion as a professional tile installer. They were looking to do a 12×24 rectified tile in the shower and going onto the bathroom walls. They also wanted to use the 12×24 rectified tile on the main floor going into the shower area. I suggested about how all the tile grout joints should line up and flow on the shower floor and the walls in the shower. I assured them by using a linear drain with no shower curb we could easily make this happen. I sent them to a tile distributor I work with in Tampa and they were able to pick out a nice rectified tile. The tile was an Ergon “Green Tech” 12X24 rectified tile in Sand for the field and Brown for the accent wall.

We decided on running the tile in a “stacked” pattern in a more modern look rather than a “brick joint“ which is more Tuscan. Once all the color selection was out-of-the-way I gave them for a proposal for the tile work and the labor on the project. The yearly agreed because of my past references and work they’ve seen online prior. I scheduled the project, ordered the tile and got all associated materials lined up and ready. On the first days of starting the project we pretty much gutted the bathroom by demoing the shower walls, shower floor and main bathroom floor. All of the drywall walls were removed because new cementboard was being installed along with tile on the walls. Moving right along with the project we next installed the cementboard in the shower and also on the main room walls.

Next was the critical layout of the Laticrete lineal drain. It had to be set level and at the right height and angle so water would flow in one consistent pitch into the lineal drain in the no curb shower. But since we have done numerous no curb, handicap accessible and barrier free showers it was accomplished easily. Onto the installation of the pitched mud bed shower pan tied into the lineal drain. Once that mud bed had cured and the cementboard was mesh taped and floated with mortar we installed the Laticrete HydroBan liquid waterproofing on the shower walls and floor. Also installation of Laticrete StrataMat uncoupling membrane on the main floor to help with movement, crack isolation, vapor management and the use of a modified thinset with this uncoupling membrane and porcelain tile. 

The tile installation went smoothly with the use of the MLT System leveling clips we use on our rectified tile installations. The floor layout worked great with the no curb shower pan and it lined up with all the walls in the bathroom. We even installed a niche with glass tile in the back of the niche and as an accent liner throughout the room. A stain resistant grout was used to match each color of tile. Corners of the tile were caulked with matching caulk And all tile work was washed a few times to make sure no grout haze was left on it. The project was then turned over to the customer that had the frameless glass door installed, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and other finish details. This project turned out great and the customers are very pleased with everything. I hope you enjoyed reading this No Curb Barrier Free Linear Drain Tile Shower in Tampa, Florida blog. 

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  1. I love this shower and the no curb and trough drain makes them look super clean! Great work 👍🏼

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