Using Proper Tile Setting Materials…….

I’m sure this has been written a thousand ways………….
But choosing the right setting material for your job is very important.

there are certain types of adhesives used to set various types of tile.

The most common used material is thinset. thinset mortar is a blend of
portland cement, finely graded sand and a water retention compound
that allows the cement to hydrate.

There are many different types of thinset out there in grey and white color, multi purpose, polymer modified, un-modified, sanded, un-sanded, fast setting or high quality latex modified thinset mortars like flex and super flex.

With advancements in thinset there are also types of thinset coming out
now to deal with various situations like cracks and soundproofing.
Laticrete’s 125 is a lightweight, superior crack prevention and sound
abatement mortar for ceramic tile and stone.

There is even Ditra-set by Bostik/Durabond/Hydroment.
which is a excellent non modified thinset for setting ceramic, porcelain,
and stone tile over Schluter-DITRA and Schluter-KERDI.

Each one has a special place when doing a certain type of tile work.
so be sure to either use a Qualified, Educated Tile Contractor,
or do a good amount of research prior to tackling a tile project.

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  1. Hi, I just came across this post while searching for "what thinset is" and it was very helpful.

    thank you,
    Lin from Chicago

  2. wow, great info. i was confused on what to set my porcelain tile with and was told to use a premixed thinset. from reading your blog i can now see i need a multi purpose or flex thinset.


    Ft. Lauderdale

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