Interior Dry Stacked Stone Veneer Accent Wall

Had a customer call me from Brandon, Florida that wanted to have manufactured stone installed on an accent wall in his home. He owned a recording studio and wanted to use the stone as a sound buffer as well as a nice looking accent wall in the studio. We set up an appointment for a measure and I also showed him some brochures on stone we used. He wanted a square style stone with a clean natural looking color and also some light red here and there. I showed him a few brochures and he decided on a Suncrest Stone style. The color he selected was a Madison County Stack. I contacted my supplier and had them send out an actual sample board with the pieces on it for him to approve. Once the homeowner received the sample board he confirmed that the color and look was what he wanted. I made a contract for the project and got it to him to get the ball rolling.

We received the deposit for materials from the owner and immediately ordered the stone from our stone yard. The supplier gave us an estimated delivery time so I set up an installation date with the homeowner. The owner also wanted to make sure his bright blue wall didn’t show through the crack of the stone so he painted the wall black. He also had a new acoustic ceiling install prior. When the stone came in we picked it up the morning of the installation and headed to the project. We got to the project and the room was already cleared and ready for us. We put down our drop clothes, got our tools out and loaded the stone into the room. We also took a lot of the stone out of the boxes and laid them out in size and shape order. We do this so we can install them easier and know where things are faster without having to search for that “perfect fitting stone“.

I did a fast measurement of the wall and stone and then did the layout to get a game plan. I was using Laticrete Masonry Veneer Mortar since I really like it’s bond, I mixed some up as per manufacturers instructions. I started my first row off the desk since it was  mounted to the wall. I also used some cardboard strips to allow for movement and expansion between the stone and desk. The first rows went in smooth really smooth and I was happy with the look already. I worked my way upwards back and forth placing each stone in the right spot to achieve a random stacked look. The Suncrest stone is well made and easy to install. The homeowner also wanted a flat screen tv mounted to the stone wall. We had to cut around a mounting bracket and bury the cable as we installed the stone. It was pretty easy to hide under the stone since the mortar setting the stone was pretty thick.

The rest of the stone installation went well. We cut in the stone at the top near the ceiling. The sides, bottom and under the desk was install level and came out perfect. mounted the flat screen on the wall and installed a couple outlet plates. We asked the homeowner if he wanted the stone sealed. He didn’t and wanted the flat natural look. After we cleaned up the project the owner put back all of his electrical stuff and got things back to normal. He was very pleased with the turn out of the interior stone veneer wall and loved its function in his sound room. He already referred us to another client who we just completed a fireplace for.