Tampa Kitchen Tile Refreshing for a Realtor….

With home sales slow throughout the US some Realtor’s are finding
ways to make the homes they are selling more appealing and fresh.

Here’s a job I did for a Realtor I do work for in the Tampa, Florida area.

They were trying to spruce up a house to sell so I came up with
this refreshing inlay with leftover Porcelain tile they had from
the back splash extra tile laying in the garage.

I was able to figure out how much old ceramic tile to remove so it would
be symmetrical in the kitchen. I had 3 pieces of the 6×6 tile left over
and a few strips left from the cut 1/2″x1/2″ mosaic sheets.

This same house has a full shower gut due to mold and rot from some
leaks with the builder not doing proper waterproofing.

You have to love a Florida shower with no liner or waterproofing!

Cant wait to rip that tile shower out….

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