What to look for when hiring a Tile Contractor in Tampa, Florida

I have recently came across a lot of homeowners here in Florida only looking at the bottom dollar amount when hiring a flooring contractor. Would you rather spend $2000 and it may last a year, or spend $3500 and get a lifetime of enjoyment out of your purchase?

You would be wise to do your homework when choosing your contractor. In the past few months Ceramictec tile contractor have torn out 2 showers in Tampa, 1 in Orlando and have just looked at a few more in other parts of Florida that have leaked within the year of being completed. One shower was installed by a concrete contractor who figured putting thin set under tiles and pouring concrete was about the same. The homeowners aren’t thinking so now, the whole floor has lifted off the slab and is popping up. Just because they did a nice job on your floor, or kitchen back splash, don’t take it for granted that they can do the same with your shower.

I have seen handymen in Tampa, Orlando and other parts of Florida offer to do ceramic tile installations with a slew of other services ranging from painting, power washing & tree work. How do any of them tie into tile flooring ? I would guarantee that they people aren’t schooled in the proper way to do tile and you would get a less then adequate finished tile product.

Make sure you ask questions.

Ask them if they put a preslope in?
How do they waterproof the shower?
What type of adhesive do they use?
Mastic or thinset?
How do they keep the weep holes around the drain clean?
How do they fasten the liner on the curb?
How many inches above the pan are they nailing the liner?
Are they using drywall or cement board?

These are just a few simple questions that can save you a lot of Time, Money & Grief in the near future.

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  1. thanks for this post. I had a tile guy doing my work and he was about to start, I read this after searching for info and you possibly saved me some money down the road…..thanks

    great info!

    Beth :>)

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