Accessible Handicap Barrier Free Shower Tampa, FL.

I just wanted to post this link to the video documentary that the homeowners emailed me of them and their child. After seeing the documentary I am very happy to have done this special tile job and shower waterproofing for them and Caleb. I worked my hardest to give them what they wanted and tried my best to make it perfect.

An Unexpected Gift

This was the accessible shower I built for them…..

I was called out by the customer for an estimate to look at a handicap shower redo, waterproofing & tile work in Dade City/Tampa, Florida. The existing shower had a one piece style plastic shower unit. They also had a laminate type wood look floor installed in the bathroom when the home was built which was a big mistake with the moisture and water in a bathroom. There was mold present under the laminate flooring and under the foam padding and also a partially rotted sub floor. The one piece tub was cut and removed along with tearing up e water damaged laminate flooring and foam padding. The mold was cleaned up using a mixture of 1/2 gal. white vinegar, 1/2 gal. hydrogen peroxide 1 cup boric acid. We mixed it, put in a spray bottle and applied it to the moldy area’s.

Once everything was removed and cleaned we installed the blue board in the shower area and room. We are using the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing membrane and they approved of this being used in the shower behind their membrane. We also had to cut the joists down an 1 1/2″ since this was going to be a roll in barrier free shower and had no curb. We decided to cut the joists rather then using cleats. Laying the plywood across the joists would give us stronger support of the mudbed. Then the new shower sub floor was installed, glued and nailed. The joists were also sistered on both sides for extra support and less possible deflection. We then installed tar paper, wire mesh lath and the lowered/depressed area. Then cut the drain pipe and installed the Schluter Kerdi drain. We packed a lose mixture of floor mud and thinset under the Kerdi drain flange to support it while working in the shower. We started to install the Kerdi waterproofing membrane on the walls with TEC Specialty Full Set Plus. Depending on where we purchase the the at we also use Laticrete 317/MegaBond or Bostik/Hydroment DitraSet. All 3 are quality Un Modified thinset mortars required to be used by Schluter with the Kerdi membrane. And dont get mixed up with a cheap un modified thinset like Customs Custom Blend which is a good economical thinset to set pavers, saltillo & quarry tile but is too sandy to use behind Kerdi.

Once the Kerdi was installed on the shower walls we packed the shower pan with a mixture of sand & portland and created the pitch to the drain with the damp packed mud bed mixture. We then installed the Ditra on the main floor of the bathroom with a modified thinset since it was on a plywood sub floor and also installed the Kerdi on the shower floor and waterproofed the Ditra seams and Kerdi shower corners with the Kerdi-band. With the Kerdi-band we made sure to keep the required 2″ overlaps to ensure our waterproofing membrane will work. We also elected to pre fill the Ditra waffles the day before setting so we don’t have to mix and move around too much thinset the day we set the 13×13 porcelain floor tile.

The next day we did our layout on the wall tile in the shower area and the 4′ wainscot around the bathroom wall. The owner wanted a brick joint pattern in the shower and walls so layout was done with the largest cuts in the corners. It laid out to be full tile and half tiles in the corners and edges which worked out well.  A 3×13 matching bullnose was used on the edges and corners. After the shower walls and wainscot was set we started to lay the shower floor 1×1 porcelain tile. The square Kerdi drain with the 1×1 tile worked out well with full tile around the drain grate. Since this was a curb less barrier free Handicap shower the 1×1 mosaic floor tile will set an 1/8″ lower then the 13×13 main floor tile, this with the pitch will stop and water from the shower going onto the main floor. Also the waterproofing of the Kerdi & Ditra will stop any water over spray or drying off water absorbing into the sanded grout and stopping it from doing any damage. We then set the main bathroom 13×13 porcelain floor tile.

We grouted the 13×13 porcelain wall & floor tile and the 1×1 porcelain mosaic tile with TEC Accu-Color XT stain proof sanded grout.  We used it due to its impressive stain resistance properties. Also since we were able to purchase the tile, waterproofing, thinset & grout all from on tile store.

A letter from the homeowners:

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for a job well done!
We were impressed with your work from the time we found your website,
during the process, and upon completion.
Your attention to detail and craftsmanship were evident throughout.
You are a true professional.
You ensured quality and integrity, and we believe you delivered.
It was truly a pleasure to meet you and work with you!

Scott & Tammy Hutchison & the little cookie monsters 🙂


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  1. I have been a member of the John Bridges Tile Forum for only 3 months now and have been reading the postings (threads) like crazy. For those not familiar with this website – it is an online forum for tile setters to help others both in and out of the business to perfect the art of setting tiles.

    As a bathroom renovator I have a keen eye for detail and craftsmanship and can say that in those pages Brian’s work is truly flawless and stands out at the top with only a select few. I have searched all his threads and the smallest details he includes are incredible.

    I am excited to try and incorporate his designs and finishing details into my upcoming projects and only wish he set tile where I live. I believe Brian is a master artisan and a great educator – helping the tile setting industry in a whole raise it’s game.

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Nice work. Brian. If you ever want to move North Just call me.

    J W
    Owner – Design Construction

  2. nice compliment from a builder that’s not in Florida.
    you can tell your work is good when people like it in any market in North America.

    great work !!

  3. the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously.
    Thank you for all of your time and work.


  4. Great site. A lot of useful information here.
    I’m sending it to some friends!

  5. Thanks for posting. We are in the process of designing a handicap shower for our daughter as well and I need all the pictures I can find to help!

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