Thin Stacked Stone Veneer In Florida

We were referred to a customer in Sarasota, Florida by another client we did a thin stone veneer job for in the Tampa Bay area. They were looking to add some elegance to their recently built 5 year old home in a nice development. Some of the other homes already had a stone veneer but they weren’t really nice looking and had a one color boring tone. After meeting with them at their home for a consultation and seeing the paint color of the home and driveway pavers colors I recommended the Veneerstone line of stacked stone. They have some colors of  stacked stones that I thought would really look good on the home. I also suggested they use the water table/sill at the top row on the home front wainscot they were planning. They had to get the stone work approved by the developments HOA so I made a computer altered picture of their home with the stone veneer on it for them to submit. It was approved at the next meeting

After they awarded us the project a few weeks later the material was ordered from my distributor. They selected the stacked stone flats in the color “Mineral County”.  The materials came in fast and we were able to schedule the project for the following week. We picked up the materials from our supplier and also picked up some Laticrete masonry veneer mortar. We use the Laticrete masonry veneer mortar due to it’s high bond strength and quality control when being made and also the variation in consistency, quality & performance of site mixed sand & portland. That and the stone delaminating and falling off the wall among other installation problems inherit to materials limited in flexibility. That type of installation also does not offer warranties from a reliable source willing to back the installation. All of the materials were picked up and accounted for.

We showed up to the job on the morning of the install and unloaded the boxes of thin stacked stone, veneer mortar & tools. We laid down a drop cloth to protect the driveway from dirt and from where we mix the mortar at. The customer wanted a front wainscot at about 42″ so during the layout we snapped a level line across the long front part of the home for reference. Then I cleared back the mulch a little so I could run the veneer low if they ever decided to change the flower bed.  since I was using the Laticrete masonry veneer mortar I skim coated a small portion ahead on the existing stucco to burn/key the mortar in. The home was painted but the paint was absorbed into the stucco good. I would have removed it if it was an elastromeric paint since sometimes the painters don’t prep the block prior to painting and it peels off easily. Also with the non sag properties of the Laticrete mortar I was able to start at the top so I had a nice flat top row to sit the sill ledge on.

Working from the corners in, I set the different sized corner pieces random so no two sized stones would be next to each other. I ran the field stone placing the pieces in randomly, shuffling the colors and the various sizes. Some stones were cut down in length to fit into an area that a regular sized piece wouldn’t go. This works well with the stacked stone veneer style since there is no mortar pointed into the joint, it’s just that, stacked stone. Once done with the main front of the home I did each side of the garage and one column by the front door. The Manufacture Stone is made really good so there wasn’t much cleaning of the backs or chipping off any excess mortar from the mold. When all of the field was set I laid out the sill/water table pieces. I mitered the corners with my wet saw and measured so I would have larger sills at the ends and no small cuts. After they were installed I mixed up some grout that matched the sill pieces. The grout color used was Laticrete sanded #90 Light Pewter. I used a grout bag and mixed the grout on the loose side, then used the grout bag to shoot it into the spacing joints and along the house/sill connection and also down the vertical sides when the thin veneer is terminated. We gave the homeowner and option to use a sealer on the stone veneer to make the colors of the stone stand out but they decided to leave it natural and subtle.

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enjoy the pictures of the project 😉

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  1. I would like to do something similar to the side of my home, you know to make it look classy and all, What do you recommend?

  2. The stacked stone is a great upgrade to do to your home to make it stand out and fresh. your neighbors will be envious !

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