Travertine Herringbone Paver Pool Deck

A customer in New Tampa, Florida we did a previous tile project for gave us a call and wanted us to update their pool deck & lanai. They had looked at colored concrete pavers in different sizes and colors and had some samples at the home when I went over to measure up  for the estimate. I explained to them while I was there that they look good newly installed, but over time the color fades and they need to be re-sealed regularly. Also efflorescence forms on concrete & brick pavers and require several applications of cleaner to remove these stains without harming the surfaces. Don’t get me wrong, they look good installed but don’t come close to the natural beauty of a stone marble installation.

After the travertine paver tile was selected I showed them a tan colored deck drain, vent caps and also a tan skimmer cap that would match the travertine great. It would look far better then the basic white. I also showed the customer a grout chart since the pool coping will get grouted. After those details were ironed out and a pattern was decided on we ordered the travertine pavers and set up a date for the installation. We use warehouse in Tampa, Florida to purchase all of our natural stone, travertine, marble and granite. They have a great selection of travertine pavers and the sales staff is nice to work with.

The travertine pavers were delivered on the date we requested and a few days later we got to work on the pool deck & lanai paver renovation. We brought the sand needed for the project since the pavers would be sand set on a thin bed of sand. My guys opened the crates of 6×12 marble pavers & coping and placed them around the pool deck. We got started setting the pool coping with thinset mortar. We made sure to cut the coping  in keystone shapes at the radius curve of the existing concrete pool coping so they would flow. After most of the coping was set we laid out the herringbone pattern on the lanai and got started spreading the sand and laying the travertine pavers. The existing deck drain was removed from the concrete and we installed a new wider tan deck drain with a removable top.

We kept installing the pavers around the pool  and installed the square skimmer cap in the back part of the pool deck. Once all the travertine pavers were set we marked and cut out the area for the perimeter soldier course and we set them in place with thinset to lock in the field pavers. We finished up the coping around the raised hot tub and did some final grouting on all of the coping. The last steps were to install a few hot tub vent caps and then brush and wash the sand into the travertine paver joints. You want to make sure you wash in the sand good so it locks in the pavers and they wont move. One last final wash to clean off the travertine pavers and the project is completed. We will come back in a few weeks and do another sweep and wash of sand to fill any low areas and the homeowners will have us seal the travertine pavers with a good sealer.

Enjoy the pictures from our latest travertine paver project 🙂

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  1. I definitely enjoyed reading your blog post.
    that is a very beautiful pool deck and I’m sure the owners are loving it.

  2. yes the owners are pleased with the full project and how it turned out.
    you cant beat the beauty of natural stone travertine on a pool deck, lanai or patio.

  3. Thanks! These pics gave me a perfect representation of what I need to do with my own travertine project here in PA. Thanks for the help! Only sorry you don’t come to

  4. I like the look of this travertine paver pool deck, I know travertine is popular in America, it looks beautiful.

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