Travertine Backsplash – Wesley Chapel, Florida

With the elegant look of travertine tile back splashes I really don’t think the love for them will die down anytime soon. The only thing that I see replacing them in the future is glass tile, but it is considerably more costly and very temperamental to install. Glass tile takes a very good tile installer to do a good installation. The good thing about travertine tile is that it’s a natural stone and very hard to reproduce on a ceramic or porcelain tile. It has a look of it’s own, very rustic, very natural, very classy. The natural crevices/divots on the surface makes it also have a beautiful texture.

Marble and stone tile are in a class all by themselves. Natural travertine stone tile require more care in selection and installation of these materials and is more labor intensive requiring a greater degree of skill and know-how to install them. Prices for stone materials are typically higher than ceramic or porcelain tiles and installation costs reflect the degree of difficulty to install them. Stone tile bring nature into your Florida home and adds a feeling of luxury and permanency. With granite counter tops in a kitchen combined with a tumbled marble back plash it makes for a classy look and feel.

The tumbled travertine back splash we just completed in Wesley Chapel, Florida was a classy simple design. A 4×4 Noce on a diagonal on the main area with a 1×2 brick joint travertine mosaic as a 2 row border outline behind the stove with the inside set with the 4×4 tumbled travertine in a brick joint. We used Laticrete 4XLT thinset to set the tumbled marble since it is an excellent non sag thinset and the tiles didn’t move after we set them. Once the thinset dried we grouted it with Laticrete 1530 sand beige sanded grout. A few days later we came back and sealed the travertine and grout with an enhancer sealer so the colors of the travertine would stand out and also make behind the stove a little stain resistant.

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